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Christmas Lights - Leasing Better Than Wholesale or Buy

Christmas Lights — 90% Leased to Businesses and Homes

Approximately 90% of our Christmas lights are leased to commercial businesses and homes so they have access to the displays that they want and need during the busy holiday season. Leasing allows businesses to stay up with the newest trends in Christmas lighting or be as creative as they wish to be.

Serving Columbia, Charleston, Savannah, Myrtle Beach, Beaufort, Florence, Hilton Head Island, North Charleston, Orangeburg, West Columbia, Conway, Lexington, Mount Pleasant, North Myrtle Beach, Summerville, Bluffton, Blythewood, Georgetown, Isle of Palms, Johns Island, Little River, Moncks Corner, Murrells Inlet, Newberry, Pawleys Island, Port Royal, Saint Helena Island, Seabrook, Sullivans Island, and neighboring cities in SC.

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Freedom to Change Lights, Bows, Garlands and Wreaths

We have millions of lights, thousands of bows, garland and wreaths which we move around and switch up from one business to another. A benefit to leasing is that you can change the decorations without feeling guilty that you are wasting decorations from previous years, not to mention the additional organization and storage that would be required to keep them. Leasing helps you because you can always have a unique look for your home or business.

Easy to Replace Christmas Lights

Another benefit of leasing is that when equipment wears out or breaks we just replace it and this can be especially helpful in high traffic areas that may get more damage. It would be impossible for someone to save money buying any one year’s worth of displays and hiring and insuring an individual person to put up and maintain the displays compared to our program. We also partner with all the major suppliers in the US to purchase the best quality and wholesale pricing on lighting and displays. Labor and overhead operating cost are really our largest cost and not the lights themselves.

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Unique Christmas Displays

Some items can not be leased such as unique displays or displays that are specific to your business. Specialty items are often bought for you and then installed at a lower rate during the following years. For such items we also allow the client to keep the item outright, but it would be the client’s responsibility to store, maintain and install it the following year as we can not guarantee items that are not in our control. An example of a specialty item would be: if you want a 50 ft tree you will need to buy it. It can go back into the leasing program, where we can reinstall at a discounted rate each year afterwards or you may retain it for your own use, but would be responsible for it after the holiday ends.

Permanently Installed Lights

Permanently installed lights may be a cost saving alternative for the businesses, homes and HOA’s that have the jurisdiction to allow permanent installs. Some cities have building codes which will allow Christmas light to stay up year round. Depending on the city, they may be turned on year round or they may require that the lights be unplugged and only plugged in during special events or the holiday season.

Not all lights are well suited for permanent installs. We do not recommend permanently lighting soft objects such as trees, shrubs, stake lights, etc. This type of lighting technique is often damaged too quickly out in the open and often need replacing by the next season. They are best brought down and stored and then reinstalled the following October. Roof and window lights are provided the protection they need by having a good, rigid mounting base to secure them to the structure. You can often get 3 to 8 years of life expectancy out of a room and ridge lighting system. Especially when using an LED bulb strands. The main destruction of the Roof & Ridge lighting is the breakdown of the plastics from UV lighting. It is advisable that you would sign up for our maintenance program to be sure that everything is still in good working order. Permanently installing Christmas lights is a great way to lower the cost associated with the Christmas Holiday Season, however, don’t expect them to last forever.

As you can see in this webpage- leasing may be the right choice for you and provides a 100% tax write off towards your advertising expenses. Give us a call regarding your commercial or residential Christmas decorating needs.

Call Now 1-843-216-8445 or fill out simple form for a free quote.

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