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Christmas Wreath Ideas

Artificial Christmas Wreaths versus Fresh Christmas Wreaths

In the Christmas Décor business, we really believe that wreaths are a big part of the winter holiday decoration. We use them to decorate during the fall, Thanksgiving and Christmas season. There are two main types of wreaths- artificial and real greenery. Wreaths that are decorated with live greenery are limited by their size as they are primarily hand done. They range from 24- 48 inches and will often use local materials incorporating bows, balls, ribbons, shells, pinecones, corks, toys, photos, and really any number of items are used to decorate them.

Wreath Making

The cool thing is that they are unique, one of a kind and not easily recreated. Many people really enjoy making them and it gets them in the mood for the holidays. The bad thing is that they don’t last much longer than two or three weeks. Spraying them or soaking them in water may add some life, but it’s unrealistic to think you will get thirty or forty-five days from a handmade greenery wreath.

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Customizing Artificial Christmas Wreaths

Artificial wreaths are made by factories and have uniformity. There are pros and cons to artificial wreaths as well. A negative is that they don’t seem like a unique piece of art and because they are artificial they don’t give off the natural aroma of a real green wreath. On the other hand, people do like the uniformity for certain projects and we are able to customize them to a degree. We can place certain LED light colors, colored balls or bows, etc. A commercial job would expect to have thirty, forty or fifty uniform wreaths that are decorated or pre-lit to attach to their doors and buildings. They come in a large variety of sizes. They require less labor from the consumer, but will cost more money than a natural wreath. Of course, they can be used for a couple of years so that helps reduce the cost over time.

Lighting up King Street in Charleston with Outdoor Wreaths

We place custom light orders for our wreaths so when clients request certain colors, themes, or decorations we are ready to meet their request. Several years ago, The City of Charleston hired us to decorate King Street. Learning what they wanted and what we could provide has really been a work in progress. The first year we incorporated natural local pinecones. It wasn’t much, but it was a start. Unfortunately, with heavy winds and rains the wreaths took a beating and the pinecones began to fall apart and look ratty-tatty by January. The project ended up being sent out to “bid”.

Adding Plants to Fresh Christmas Wreaths

The main point of the story was that we realized we needed to customize the wreaths by incorporating more local plants into them. We wanted to add Leland Cypress, long leaf pine, some holly berries, pinecones and other local South Carolina plants. I’d say we got pretty close, but if the project comes up for bid again, I will be adding in local plants like Wax Myrtles, Southern Magnolia leaves, and Sweet grass into the wreaths. I might also take 10 of the most common SC plants and get a custom order from China to have them brought in for the season.

Wreath Making and Decorative Wreaths

We also customize wreaths with ornaments and ribbons. One nice look is to take Christmas tree ornaments and wire them into your wreaths. Wreaths are primarily dark green so sometimes the earth tone colors cause them to get lost in the background. With the use of ornaments, sprays or add on materials we can really make a wreath pop. The lit wreaths are easily seen at night, but to help them show during the day we will use red, silver, blue tassels, bows and bright colors to make them pop in front of an earth tone wall. If you put dark green wreath on a concrete wall you really lose the wreath, but if you throw candy cane ornaments, bows, silver, gold, or bright red ornaments on it then it will glisten during the day. With people working during the day it’s important to have daytime décor on the wreaths for people to enjoy.

Mesh Wreaths

We also have Deco mesh, which is a vibrant mesh of colored ribbon. You can take Deco mesh and wind it thru a wreath to make a quick, uniform decoration. This really works out when you start getting into decorating the larger commercial wreaths which can be 6, 8, 10, 12 or 14 feet tall wreaths- the Deco mesh helps give you a fast customized design.

Making Wreaths with Christmas Bulbs and Christmas Ball Ornaments

Going back and thinking about decorations it’s very important that you consider the appropriate size for the piece you are decorating. If you are decorating a 24” wreath you should be using 2 or 3” balls and bulbs. If you are decorating a 14’ wreath you would use 10-14” balls and ornaments. Picking the decorations that go with the wreath is a vital part of any design.

Christmas Bows

Christmas bows are similar to an ornament. Bows need to be placed appropriately. When we decorated in Hilton Head Island at the Shelter Cove Towne Center- Holiday Festival of Lights, we were using a 60” wreath. It had the Coastal Collection of decorations so we didn’t have room for the bow’s ribbon to hang. We ended up placing the bow on the top side which helped keep the ribbon in its space. In some cases, we need the bow’s tail to hang down so we place the bow at the bottom of the wreath. The bow should be sized for the wreath and should be proportional in size.

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