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Christmas Décor 2020 Displays Supplement

Our new, 2020 Christmas Supplemental brochure offers dozens of great products to decorate a mall, shopping center, public park, office building, or estate.

Amaze your customers, coworkers, neighbors, and fellow residents with beautiful Christmas installations that are unique and mesmerizing! And as an added bonus, we also have new Christmas photoshoot items as well!

This webpage acts as a descriptive page, a way to learn more about the fun new items we’re offering in our 2020 Supplemental Brochure. As you’re viewing the brochure items, if you’d like to learn more about a particular item, just click on over to this page and find that item by its name and FDS code.

This webpage acts as a descriptive page, a way to learn more about the fun new items we’re offering in our 2020 Supplemental Brochure.

Let’s get started. Scroll down to see items or select an item from this list:


Item: Snowman with a Derby Hat

FDS Code 20105
Dimensions: 13.3' x 10.9' x 9.9'
Description: This big fella is sure to brighten up any Christmas installation! The snowman sparkles and glows with shimmering lights and bright colors. An excellent Christmas family photoshoot setup, this photo op item will have your visitors and customers alike taking photos and posting your location on social media all season long! Not only does this guy look fancy and great, but he's also a perfect marketing and advertising tool!
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Item: Walkthrough Pumpkin

FDS Code 20001
Dimensions: 13.3' x 10.8' x 8.9'
Description: The perfect entrance to a Halloween festival or haunted house, this Halloween prop is not only a great way to make a first impression, but it's also a fantastic Halloween photoshoot prop! Encourage your guests to take photos next to the walkthrough and watch their smiles brighten.
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Item: Santa Bus w/ Lights

FDS Code 18174
Dimensions: 11' x 17' x 7.2'
Description: Here's a fun Christmas photoshoot item that folks can actually get into! An excellent decoration and a real eye-catcher, your guests or customers will make timeless memories in this unique Christmas family photoshoot display.
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Item: 2D Chick with 3D Beak

FDS Code 20223
Dimensions: 6.6' x 6.4' x 6"
Description: An excellent and fun prop with a three dimensional beak, this decoration is the perfect photoshoot opportunity for a baby's first Easter or a Christmas family shoot.
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Item: Photo Frame with Santa Hat & Package

FDS Code 20125
Dimensions: 8.5' x 6.6'
Description: Talk about the perfect photo op! You'll have repeat customers and guests who come back just to get their picture taken again! This Christmas prop and photoshoot display is a great way to set up the best Christmas photo for the entire family. Encourage your guests and customers to take as many pictures as they want, and to post those pictures on social media with your business's location!
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Item: Hanging Baubles

FDS Code 18705.250, 18705.220, 18705.190, 18705.155, 18705.120, & 18705.080
Dimensions: 8.2' x 6.6', 7.2 x 5.7', 6.2 x 4.9', 5.1 x 4.9', 3.9' x 3', & 2.6' x 2'
Description: Available in a variety of color combinations and sizes, these hanging baubles are a great way to decorate in a fun, festive manner.
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Item: Santa Alarm Clock

FDS Code 20121
Dimensions: 6.7' x 6.6' x 2.6'
Description: Santa has to have his alarm clock! Imagine if he slept in on Christmas Eve! This alarm clock is a great way to decorate this holiday season. Its also ideally suited to position next to signage or promo that indicates your business is having a sale or special clearance opportunity.
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Item: 3D Christmas Train

FDS Code 18165
Dimensions: 7.2' x 21.3' x 3.8'
Description: Large enough to accommodate children and adults alike, this train installation and unique Christmas photo op is a fantastic way for families to capture timeless memories this holiday season. All aboard! Next stop, photo ops!
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Item: Run-Down Rudy

FDS Code 20126
Dimensions: 6.2' x 9.3' x 8.9'
Description: Run-down Rudy just got back from delivering all the presents, and he's all tuckered out! This Christmas photo prop is constructed to allow folks to sit on Rudy's back and get wonderful Christmas pictures.
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Item: 2D Gingerbread House Front with Base

FDS Code 20122
Dimensions: 9.8' x 8.7' x 5'
Description: Everyone loves a good gingerbread house every holiday season, so why not get your picture taken next to one? Fun and festive, this towering gingerbread house makes for the perfect centerpiece around which to organize a family Christmas photoshoot.
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Item: Snowcap Cone Trees

FDS Code 17819, 17820, & 17821
Dimensions: 18' x 5.6', 21.3' x 6.6', & 27.9' x 8.9'
Description: Available in red, blue, gold, and green, these trees add a color medley of decor to any Christmas installation. Use them for a nativity scene, or add them to existing Christmas trees and light installations
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Item: Sit In Ornament

FDS Code 18180.260, 18180.340, 18180.400
Dimensions: 7.2' x 21.3' x 3.8', 11.2' x 9.8' x 5', & 13' x 11.5' x 6'
Description: Perfect for couples, who wouldn't want to get their picture taken on this sit-in Christmas ornament? The ornament sparkles and shines with gold yellow lights, shimmering and glimmering for the perfect photo
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Item: Golden Buffalo

FDS Code 20135
Dimensions: 6.1' x 10.2' x 4.4'
Description: Excellent for outdoor decor, the Golden Buffalo is a fun favorite among kids! And the more they love the Christmas photo op, the easier it is to get their picture taken!
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Item: King of the Beasts

FDS Code 17310 & 17311
Dimensions: 5.6' x 10.9' x 3' & 5.2' x 8' x 3.5'
Description: A great Christmas photo prop for kids, this gentle lion shimmers in gold and brown lights and aluminum accents
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Item: Kangaroo

FDS Code 20104
Dimensions: 7.2' x 12/6' x 2.9'
Description: Knitted lighting with aluminum accents twinkle and mesmerize on this kangaroo. Festive and exciting all in one, this decor item would be great for a zoo, pet shop, outdoor setting, or courtyard.
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Item: Golden Giraffe

FDS Code 20103, 20102, & 20101
Dimensions: 17' x 10.2' x 3.1', 13' x 7.8' x 2.3', & 9.9' x 6' x 1.8'
Description: Life size and awe-inspiring, our life-size giraffes make the perfect centerpiece for any outdoor display. Set them up somewhere with plenty of headroom though! The shortest one is still twice the height of the average human! And as a side note, these giraffes make for the perfect entryway to your store or business. Talk about an attention-grabber and a great advertising tool!
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Item: Custom Castle Entrance

FDS Code (Contact us for more information)
Dimensions: (Contact us for more information)
Description: No two castle entrances are alike, as we customize these beauties to meet your needs! Reach out to us and let us help you design and install the perfect Custom Christmas Castle!
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Item: 3D Gingerbread House with Benches

FDS Code 20116
Dimensions: 13.8 x 12.1 x 8.4'
Description: Now here's a gingerbread house that won't add calories! Gold, white, and many incredible designs in a life-size build, this gingerbread house makes for a wonderful holiday photo op.
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Item: Santa on the Ski Slope Photo Op

FDS Code 20120
Dimensions: 11.2' x 14.4' x 9.2'
Description: Fun and interactive, this photo op allows folks to ski with the big man and get their picture taken in the process! An excellent and interactive way to make a cherished holiday memory that will last a lifetime.
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Item: Snow Family Playtime

FDS Code 2505-0350, 2505-0351, 2505-0352, & 2505-0353
Dimensions: 6.4' x 3.1' x 3.2, 3' x 2' x 1.5', 2.8' x 2.1' x 1', & 6' x 2' x 3.2
Description: The Snowmen Brothers, Snow Woman Sweetheart, Snowman IceHoney, and the Leaning Christmas Tree offer great ways to customize and create a wonderful holiday display. Set these life-size figurines up outside your shop or store and attract more business thanks to fun and cheerful decorations!
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Item: Playful Elves

FDS Code 2505-0073, 2505-0070, 2505-0071, & 2505-0072
Dimensions: 3' x 1.9' x 1.8', 3' x 1.6' x 1.6', 2.5' x 1.6' x 3.1, 3' x 1.6' x 2.1'
Description: The gang's all here! Sitting Elf, Stubborn Elf, Crawling Elf, and Laughing Elf make for a great Christmas photo op that you can set up in a way that best suits your available space and setting.
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Item: Teddy Bear Sign

FDS Code 2505-0331
Dimensions: 4.4' x 2' x 2.3'
Description: The cute and cuddly teddy bear sign is a great addition to any storefront. You can place it near the front entrance to your store, a perfect installation for welcoming customers in this holiday season.
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Item: Giant Teddy Bear Photo Op

FDS Code 2505-0108
Dimensions: 7.2' x 6.6' x 3.6'
Description: Teddy bears make for great decor all year-round, so you can bring out this big fella every time you are having a sale or a special event!
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Item: Santa at the Mall

FDS Code 2505-0003, 2505-0002, & 2505-0009
Dimensions: 5.6' x 2.1' x 2.3', 4.8' x 2.5' x 3.4', & 4.4' x 5' x 9.5'
Description: The Christmas Mailbox, Santa Sofa, and Santa Sleigh provide a great holiday photo op! The sleigh seats four, making it an interactive way for customers to get a great family picture.
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Item: Sit in Ornament Photo Ops

FDS Code 2505-0036, 2505-0036-1, 2505-0035, & 2505-0035-1
Dimensions: 8.7' x 10.3' x 13.5' & 6.7' x 5.2' x 5.9'
Description: Ornament Stack with Chair and Single Ornament Chair offer a great way to take some family photos in a comfortable, Christmas setting. Color options include red and gold, and you can customize your selection to create a unique and fun Christmas photoshoot!
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Item: Life Size Santa

FDS Code 2505-0020
Dimensions: 6.4' x 3.6' x 5.2'
Description: Get a picture with the big man and celebrate Christmas with a timeless family photo! Life Size Santa stands a full six feet four inches, arms outstretched, and a big smile on his jolly face. You can't help but smile and say, "Cheese!" when you're standing next to ol' Saint Nick!
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Item: Sitting Reindeer

FDS Code 2505-0080
Dimensions: 4.4' x 2.1' x 2.6'
Description: The gang's all here with several reindeers! These silly goofs make for funny photo ops that the kids just love. Get the camera out and be ready to take pictures!
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Item: Skiing Reindeer

FDS Code 25050-0082
Dimensions: 5' x 3.2' x 2.5'
Description: Stand next to Skiing Reindeer and look like you're getting ready to hit the slopes! Epic action shot here we come!
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Item: Reindeer in a Snowball

FDS Code 2505-0083
Dimensions: 4.8' x 3.2' x 3'
Description: This photo op piece is funny and endearing all in one. An excellent addition to an estate's Christmas decorations, this silly little fella is rolled up in a snowball and would look great outside in the snow. Be ready for some laughs when people see this goofy holiday decoration!
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Item: 2-Seater Sleigh

FDS Code 2505-0008
Dimensions: 3.3' x 3.9' x 6.6'
Description: The 2-Seater Sleigh is an excellent, interactive photo op piece, because folks can actually climb into the sleigh if they want. Make like you're heading off to deliver presents and don't forget to smile for the camera!
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Item: Santa w/ Elf

FDS Code 25050-0111
Dimensions: 6.6' x 3.6' x 2'
Description: Wonderful photo ops like these make for timeless holiday memories! This photo op allows for two people to put their heads in the openings of the Christmas prop and pretend that they are Santa and an elf!
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Item: Santa's Delivery

FDS Code 2505-0118
Dimensions: 5' x 4.1' x 5.8'
Description: Fun for children and adults alike, this decoration allows three people to pose behind the installation and pretend they are Christmas gifts!
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Item: Snowman w/ Kid

FDS Code 2505-0107
Dimensions: 6.6' x 3.6' x 5.9'
Description: Snowman w/ Kid was designed to be set up in a lobby or courtyard. It's perfect for posing and taking a great Christmas photo!
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Item: Santa Bubble

FDS Code 25050-0100
Dimensions: 3.6' x 3.3'
Description: Silly and fun, this photo op prop is sure to create timeless Christmas memories.
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Item: Santa Elf

FDS Code 2505-0102
Dimensions: 5.6' x 4' x 3.3'
Description: Goofy and laugh-inducing, this photo prop is a great way to capture a cheesy grin in a true display of Christmas cheer.
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At Christmas Decor SC, we’ve always felt that malls, shopping centers, and shops and storefronts are great places for folks to take pictures with their family members during the holidays. That’s why so many of our photo op groupings can be customized in a way that best fits your environment, setting, or business space. And don’t forget to suggest that your customers post their photos to social media and tag your business in them!

Please let us know how we can help you in setting up your installation! Call our office direct at 843-216-8445, or fill out our website’s contact form! One of our representatives will reach out to you directly.

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