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Park Christmas - Old Santee Canal Park in Moncks Corner

Tree Lights for Berkeley Electric Co-op Theme Park

One of the drive-through parks that we are associated with is Berkeley Electric Co-op theme park called “Old Santee Canal Park,” located in Moncks Corner, South Carolina. When LED’s first came out Berkeley Electric made it a big deal initiative to do the entire park in LED’s. While we don’t do the entire park, one of the jobs we do for them are the big trees. That’s partly because we own our own tree lift equipment and it was better for them to rent their LED lights from us as we were able to rent them cheaper than they could purchase them. That’s kind of how we got into a contract with Berkley Electric Co-Op. We do the larger Oaks, Maples and hardwood trees that require the tree lifts.

Light Show

We usually go in early and do all the trees and then they come in behind us and put out all of the LED Christmas Displays. I believe this is in part an energy savings initiative to put on a theme park that uses 1/10 the power of the incandescent lights. Being an electric company it’s to their advantage to show the public that they can do a great energy saving holiday light show. The other part is that the man power and maintenance cost are all lower with LED lights. That doesn’t even cover the consistency of having it work properly all the time. It would be really annoying if you had to load up the whole family to go out and see the Christmas light show, fight the crowds, parking and finding a spot to stand or sit just to find out that they are having maintenance issues and the light show is going to be cancelled. That kind of thing is rare when parks use the new LED lights and new backup technology systems.

Old Santee Canal Park Pre-Holiday Christmas Lighting Show

This park has grown year after year and is starting to compete with Charleston County’s—James Island Park. They are now having Blue Grass Music and other bands play which has caused the attendance to shoot up even more. Their pre-holiday Christmas lighting show used to be around ten visitors a month and has now risen to thousands. This type of attraction is starting to make more and more people aware of the LED theme parks that exist and they are seeking them out more and more for their brilliant colors and amazing animation.

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