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Commercial Outdoor Christmas Decorations

It is an impressive tree and bigger than most individuals can get. The 30 foot tree has been leased by a nearby city, a municipalities and a resort. The RGB grid is an 8’x10’ sign. One of the beauties of holiday lighting is that there are no regulations on lights for 90 days. We can really do just about any fun video, lights, music and animation during this 90 day period. The grid cost 12,000 for the season and has nice crisp definition and graphics.

Christmas RGB Lighted Tunnels

We also have RGB lighted tunnels. They are a great way to have a theme park atmosphere to introduce your displays. Last year one of the places that leased tunnels was a long, wooden dock location in South Carolina. The clients could interface with the lights via tablets.

Lighted Tunnels Were Equipped With Tablets

The RGB lighted tunnels were equipped with tablets which allowed the kids to change the direction of the lights as well as the light colors. It’s a cool effect when you can do that. The definition of this is a 12 x 12 grid so words won’t really show in the tunnel, but spirals, color changes, fading, rain drops and any programmed effect are all a nice magical touch to the Christmas spirit.

Christmas Lights to Music

Clients usually want music programmed to go along with the lights changing as well as adding a bubble machine to thrill the kiddos. Tunnels are a great way to gain a big entrance to your Christmas display or facility.

Large Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Looking to add some pizzazz to this year’s Christmas party? As the old saying goes, bigger is always better even if your neighbors don’t agree. Hey, Santa will be sure to see your yard from miles away. If you want to be the talk of the town then leasing a larger than life Christmas ornament is the way to go.

For those looking for a unique piece or to add a more traditional touch to their display we have life sized fiberglass displays to include:

Life Size Nutcracker

These Nutcrackers are a real showstopper! Everyone will notice and they look great standing guard at your doorway, gates, fireplace, indoor or outdoor you won’t be disappointed.

We have many to choose from including:

These are our most popular ones, but others are available upon request. These life-sized displays are stable and built for commercial and outdoor use. Life-sized figures make a great center piece, a side show on the perimeter or the main attraction. Your Christmas display can easily be the hit of the Christmas Party!

Any of our life sized decorations will make your holiday larger than life. Due to high demand during the short/ busy Christmas season, you should consider reserving one of these figurines early. It is not uncommon for orders to be received in February or March when companies are putting together the yearly budget and purchase early to receive discounts and reserve their displays. For some people Christmas would be much like any other day were it not for the planning and hard work that goes into decorating a festive scene that all can admire and enjoy. Bring a little joy into your community and help make Christmas memories that will last forever!

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